Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kaleigh's gymnastics practice

In April of 2008, Kaleigh decided she wanted to start gymnastics because her cousin Loralie was having so much fun with her practices. So, here is a video of Kaleigh in one of her private lessons. She has been doing gymnastics now for about 3 1/2 months, loving every minute of it and hasn't stopped since she started. Literally, Kaleigh does gymnastics all day long.

At the beginning of this video, Kaleigh is doing some cartwheels on a low beam. A lady wearing black shorts, t-shirt and baseball cap walks by Kaleigh. This is Jaycie Phelps-McClure. She won gold in the 1996 Olympics as a member of the Magnificent 7 gymnastics team, along with Shannon Miller. Jaycie is one of the coaches at Kaleigh's gym.

The coaches tell Kaleigh she has really nice "lines". Kaleigh always points her toes and works nicely on her hand placements. In this video she is performing round-offs for the first time. She has the concept of cartwheels down. The coaches always tell her to land one foot then the other. So, now the idea of having to land both feet at the same time is very new but, Kaleigh catches on quickly.

Rachael Sobottka is Kaleigh's coach. Kaleigh loves Racheal and looks forward to gymnastic practices. In this clip, Kaleigh is working on the skills she needs to perform back handsprings. This is one of Kaleigh's favorite activities.

In this clip, Kaleigh is working on the uneven bars. While she is doing this activity, another girl right in front of her on another bar breaks her arm. Thankfully, Kaleigh didn't see it. OUCH!!!

Finally, the last clip for this entry. The first thing Kaleigh does for every practice is to climb the dreaded rope. She is so close to getting to the top but it is a mental thing for her because it is so high. She can do it but overcoming the fear of how high the rope is, is what is preventing her from touching the top. Although each practice gets a little bit better. I also, had to show you the poor girl who broke her arm. My whole body ached when I saw her arm.

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The Swihart's said...

Wow Jill, I bet you are so proud of Kaleigh! I can't believe what she is capable of at only 5 years old!! It looks like your summer is super busy at the gym. I hope you're able to enjoy it, since you only have a couple more weeks left. I really enjoyed the pics and clips. I hope we can keep in touch through our busy lives. Love, Kristi

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