Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Home at last!!

First of all I would like to apologize for taking a while to post. I have been kind of busy. It has been two weeks and two days since we came home. I can not tell you how blessed we are. I will forever be thankful to China for the two most wonderful little girls. They are everything I have ever dreamed of and more. Kaleigh truly loves Kenzie and "mother hens" her like you could never imagine. She is so proud of her little sister. Kenzie is adjusting wonderfully and is getting really close to walking on her own. She will take off walking as long as she has at least one hand of mom, dad's, or Kaleigh's to hold on to. She actually called for me today when her dad was holding her. She said "momma, momma." Oh, that is the best sound you can ever hear. I am loving every minute of this and cherishing ever second knowing that they grow up so fast. Our two little dogs love Kenzie and Kenzie loves them. Kenzie has bonded to all of us and she fits in perfectly to our family. We are all doing well and are pretty much back on American time. Kaleigh was the hardest to get adjusted to American time, but is finally doing much better. It is so nice to be home!!! China is a wonderful place. The people are so hospitable. The topography and landscape is breathtaking. The history, sights and smells of China will never be taken for granted. I want my girls to be proud of where they are from and I will do my best to immerse them in as much culture, tradition and language as I possible can. I thank all of you for following our most wonderful life changing adventure. I thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement and support along the way. We will continue to post on the web page so that our family and friends can continue to follow the growth and development of our family. Love,JILL


Jeff and Valerie said...

Sweet pictures of the girls. How cool that Kaleigh is being a fabulous big sis to little Kenzie!

Lee-Anne said...

Thanks for calling in on my blog!!! Reading other people's stories, gives me hope... that one day, it'll be us in China, with our baby girl!

Glad you made it home safely! So glad Kenzie is settling in so well!

Glenda-Floating cloud said...

Glad that you got home save and the girls are all that you wanted. Looks like your mom is enjoying them also.

theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

Welcome Home. I bet it feels good to sleep in your own bed. ha ha.

We have been home a year April 6th. What a difference a year makes. We left a family of two and returned a family of four+. (dog and au pair).


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